• Fractures (Collaborators – The Broun Fellinis, Byb Chanel Bibene, Sheena Johnson, Daria Kaufman, Nadia Oka, ArtComplex Exhibition)

Bandelion/(Inclusive Interdisciplinary Ensemble)

  • Tongues/Gather (ODC, Cal State East Bay, San Francisco – Z Space Below), Tours LA and Hawaii, Oakland-Studio One) Collaborators included Ysaye Barnwell, Shira Cion, Melanie Demore, Laura Elaine Ellis, Jack Gray, T-Bird Luv, Kumu Kau’i Wright-Peralto

Randee Paufve 

  • SOIL (Music Moves Festival at ODC)

Pak Han, Photographer/Videographer

  • Soundtrack for SOIL video

Nick Dong

Be-Longing Installation (Soundtrack and artistic direction choreography and video), Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland.


Byb Chanel Bibene/Kiandanda Dance Theater

  • Skin Talk, Skin Mood (CHIME Residency, December. Dance Mission, Black Choreographer’s Festival, February)
  • Taboo and Heroes (Counterpulse, August)


  • Beware the Band ‘o’ Lions (they’re dandy lions!) (Counterpulse, November)
  • Inhale-Exhale-Repeat (Temescal Arts Center, July)
  • Exposed on the Cliffs of the Heart (Inclusive Interdisciplinary Ensemble (IIE), Cal State East Bay, May)

Randee Paufve 

  • Soil (Solo Show, October. Showing RAWdance, The Concept Series: 13, March)

Lizz Roman & Dancers

  • San Francisco Trolley Dances (October)

Sheena Johnson/ Rebel Home

  • Close and Personal (Milk Bar, September)


Byb Chanel Bibene/Kiandanda Dance Theater

  • Skin Talk, Skin Mood (Afro Solo Festival, August)

Sheena Johnson/ Rebel Home

  • Freedom Study 2 (Temescal Arts Center, March)
  • Yellow House Project (Queer Arts Festival, June. Temescal Arts Center, March)

Lizz Roman & Dancers

  • Deeper (Counterpulse, June)

Randee Paufve/Paufve Dance

  • So I Married Mr. Lincoln (Dance Mission, February)

Ernest Jolly

  • Limbo Suite (Labor Party Installation, January)


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