Reconstruction Study #1 – Collaborators Byb Chanel Bibene, David Boyce and Chris Evans examine themes of displacement, double consciousness, grief and ultimately the liberatory potential of rage. The piece is inspired by a story passed down to David from his great uncle about a family relative named Jim Coble, who sometime around 1910 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma killed 10 white people in the town’s general store. For David’s telling of the story, listen below.


Rehearsal images of Double Consciousness section taken by Jeramy DeCristo below.


Collaborator Bios

Byb Chanel Bibene is a choreographer and performer working in theater and contemporary dance. His own technical and aesthetic sensibility is rooted in the culture and dances of his country of origin, the Republic of Congo. He has toured the world and performed internationally with companies and choreographers originating from Africa, England, France and the USA. Artistic Director of Kiandanda Dance Theater, Bibene launched Mbongui Square, a multidisciplinary arts event that gathers artists from the Bay Area and around the world. Outside of his professional careers of Theater and Dance, Bibene owns a Bachelor in Science, Economics/Finance and has a passion for writing. He is pursuing his MFA in Dance at Saint Mary’s College of California. For more info,

David Boyce has been experimenting, innovating and improvising with the Broun Fellinis, an avant jazz group he co-founded for 20 years. He is a long time Bay Area musician who has explored a range of different musical genres – jazz, post rock, hip hop, world music, electronic music, and Afro funk. His music has taken him to  Europe, Japan and Canada as well as around the US. Currently, he performs with Broun Fellinis, Katdelic, TheAfro Funk Experience, Black Quarterback, David Mihaly’s Shimmering Leaves Ensemble, The Supplicants, and Black Edgar’s Musik Box. David has a profound reverence for Music and a belief that we have a responsibility to honor both its tradition and its innovation.

Ark of Bones

Ark of Bones creates collaborative, multidisciplinary work putting an exploration of creative music, “Music” and deep listening at the center of the experience. Collaborators include David Boyce, who has been experimenting, innovating and improvising with the Broun Fellinis, an avant jazz group he co-founded for 20 years, and Marshall Trammell, a percussionist who combines a deep commitment to musical exploration and experimentation, work with D_Boyce_C-P_1social activist groups, deep knowledge of the theories that have emerged out of the creative music tradition. The name Ark of Bones comes from a short story by Henry Dumas. Ark of Bones has collaborated with choreographer Byb Chanel Bibene in performances at the Luggage Store, Museum of the African Diaspora, ODC. Other performances venues include the New Music Series at the Luggage Store, Yerba Buena and the Milk Bar. Ark of Bones members David Boyce and Chris Evans are embarking on new project called Reconstruction.

Ark of Bones: the story This video interprets Henry Dumas’ short story Ark of Bones through video and text. This was part of an installation presented at the Milk Bar in Oakland in November 2014. Reading and video by Chris Evans

 Chris Test

Ark of Bones: the sounds

Chris and David Improvising in the Luggage Store’s Tenderloin National Forest

Ark of Bones Improvisation #1

CE_C-P_BB_2Ark of Bones Improvisation #2

Reconstruction (David Boyce and Chris Evans) – Practice Sessions

Study #1

Study #2

Study #3

Study #4

Sample of Ark of Bones Work

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